sealcoatingIn the Washington Metropolitan area, there are two types of sealer: Coal Tar Base and Asphalt Base. Both provide protection from sun, rain, gas, oils, salts and chemicals which damage asphalt. Seal coating is a two coat -system with latex modifier and sand added to help the seal coating last and to extend the useful life of the pavement.

We use the highest grade sealer to ensure our customers receive the very best.  Standard Striping stands behind our installation.  We spend thousands in training our crews to ensure you get the best results.

Our seal coating is a two-coat system. We clean all areas to be sealed by brooming or power blowing depending on application. To ensure proper adhesion, we apply a heavy duty bonding agent to soiled areas. In accordance with manufacture’s specification, two coats of mineral filled asphalt emulsion or coal tar emulsion pavement sealer with latex modifier and sand aggregate is applied.

Application Procedures shall meet and/or exceed federal spec ASTM D-2939.

Below is a list of services:

• Hot Pour Crack Filler

• Parking Lots

• Shopping Centers

• Churches

• Townhomes

• Basketball Courts

• Tennis Courts