Asphalt Standard StripingWith over 50 years of  experience, Standard Striping would be happy to evaluate your property. Whether you need a complete overlay to minor repairs, our experienced staff can guide you in the right direction.

Factors in determining the results you want are – How long as the asphalt been there? Are there any stress cracks?- Are there any potholes? Is drainage an issue?

Several applications may be used, such as, remove and replace, paving fabric, mill and pave or overlay.  Standard Striping will take the hassle out of all your repair needs. We are very conscientious about offering a variety of parking lot maintenance products.  We work with you on a Asphalt Standard Stripingplan of attack to minimize inconvenience to your customers.

Below is a list of services:

•Mill Patching

Partial depth repair involves milling off top 2” to 3” inches of asphalt, replacing it with new compacted asphalt.

•Asphalt: Full Depth Repair

Full depth repair requires removing all asphalt in the failing area to the sub-base. Compact existing sub-base. Install asphalt base course and compact. Install asphalt surface course and compact.  Note: If sub-base is soft, the area will need to under cut until a solid base is found.

•Asphalt Paving

Paving, also known as Asphalt Overlay, is a parking lot resurfacing method where a lift of asphalt is placed on top of the existing parking lot surface. Paving is designed to extend the life of a parking lot driving surface, keeps parking lots in good condition by preventing potholes, and preserves the underlying roadbed structure. Paving also helps smooth surface irregularities and prevents further deteriorating of the parking lot.

•Infrared Asphalt Patching

The Hottest Joint in Town.  The only way you can tell we’ve been here is, the paving’s fixed. No cold joints like standard patching, so no cracks at the joints. That means water won’t penetrate and ruin the repaired area. And that means savings and the elimination of excavation, hauling, dump fees, saw cutting and jack hammering. Fewer hours are required, and the existing asphalt is recycled. The repair is hot bonded and permanent, returning the area to a smooth and level surface.

Other services include:

•Speed Bumps

•Asphalt Curbs

•Emergency Repairs

•Sign Installation

Paving benefits:
- Prolongs the service life of the parking lot
- Adds structural capacity to the parking lot
- Improves the smoothness of the ride
- Reduces maintenance costs